Top 10 Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Services Industry

    The best paying jobs in consumer services are available for competent persons. Before, companies only looked for the most qualified customer service representative. Today, they have split this role to create more job titles. To ensure you do not skip jobs you qualify for, learn the new synonyms that modern employers use to attract consumer services candidates. 

    Terms like customer engagement representative, customer experience associate and customer service advisor are more prevalent these days. Some consumer service jobs are entry-level openings with fewer requirements and less attractive salaries. Jobs with sophisticated titles may pay more even if their requisites are basic. To assist you in your job search, we will discuss about the best paying jobs in consumer services.

    10 Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Services

    Almost every business in every industry has a customer support help desk. Hence, the consumer services industry employs the most people. It assimilated around three million people when the Covid-19 pandemic came in 2020. While most customer services workers have to report to the office, some can work remotely. As you search for a suitable job in this field, consider the following best paying customer service jobs. 

    1. Technical support representative

    If you are a technical person with hardware and software computer skills, apply for technical support representative vacancies. The new job may vary based on your technical abilities. Generally, you will troubleshoot and solve computer and network-related problems. As this is a complex consumer service role, you might need a bachelor’s degree or professional training. As one of the best paying jobs in consumer service, the technical support rep role pays around $35,027 per annum.

    2. Call center representative

    If you can take and answer calls all day long, try finding a call center representative job. With call centers emerging everywhere, you can find work if you are a determined person. As a call center rep, you will follow up with customers to close a sale or solve their problems. Call center jobs are many in the telecommunication industry. On average, call center reps receive $35,723 per year. 

    3. Bank teller 

    Bank teller-Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Services

    Many people who study business courses in college want to work in banks. As an entree, you can become a bank teller anywhere in the U.S. As a bank teller, you will make an average annual salary of $36,120. Bank tellers serve customers directly. Besides collecting deposits and handing out withdrawals, bank tellers help with bookkeeping and accounting activities. 

    4. Clinical receptionist

    As the name suggests, the job is in the hospital’s lobby area. As a clinical receptionist, you will handle patient queries as they enter the reception area. You will brief them on how the hospital works and tell them what to do first. 

    Further, you will answer calls to organize appointments and send updates to the booked patients. The clinical receptionist role may have unique tasks depending on who has hired you. Luckily, it pays quite an attractive annual salary of about $38,580. A clinical receptionist is among the best paying jobs in consumer services.

    5. Airline steward

    Airlines are some of the busiest work environments. As they have many customers, airlines are always looking for new stewards. Working as an airline steward in the United States is quite lucrative as the average yearly compensation is $41,719. As an air host, your work is to show hospitality to customers. It includes welcoming them, answering their questions, storing their lightweight luggage, serving food, directing them to the correct seat positions, etc. 

    6. Administration advisor 

    Have you ever dreamt of working in a car showroom or a rental vehicle reservation office? Most administration advisors work in such a place and receive a collective salary of $43,336 per annum. If you have car knowledge, you might fit in this job type. Your work is to educate customers about the car they want to buy or hire. Thus, you might have to answer questions on car problems, repair service arrangements, the purchase process, etc. 

    7. Client relations specialist

    Client relations specialist-Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Services

    A business works hard to attract and retain a customer. As a client relations specialist, you will help the company build customer loyalty in the long term. Also, you will attend to customer issues by email, phone, or in person. You might need to respond to online customers’ comments, assess and solve their complaints, and create a positive company image. A client relations specialist in the US may receive an annual salary of $43,956. 

    8. Patient Coordinator 

    The healthcare sector is one of the leading providers of the best paying jobs in consumer services. One of the job openings they advertise is the patient coordinator. If you win this role, you will help emergency and long-term healthcare offices deal with their home-based patients. 

    You will visit these patients and discuss their best treatment plans and medications. You need to not only have empathy but also the best speaking skills to represent your employer well. A patient coordinator makes around $44,629 per year. 

    9. Front-office representative/secretary

    A secretarial job has been popular since the era of typewriters. If you become a secretary in the U.S, your average annual income will be $46,661. As a front-office receptionist, you can work for private organizations, NGOs, and the government. Your choices are limitless, and the duties are more or less the same. A secretary’s chief role is to welcome and listen to customers’ issues. 

    After jotting down these issues, they must direct the client to the correct office for resolution. Also, secretaries serve customers who come in person or those who call the office. Simple tasks such as typing and printing documents and organizing activities for the boss can be part of the package.

    10. Attendant

    If you apply for an attendant role, you will become a front-office worker. You will be the new face clients will meet when they visit the company premises. Businesses in the tour, travel and hospitality industry provide the best paying jobs in consumer services. They mostly hire attendants to work in the reception area of a tourist resort, guest house, or inn. After welcoming a guest, your next job will be to confirm their reservation ticket or help them book a service. That includes answering any of their questions on transportation, accommodation, catering, etc. Your annual salary may average $48,432. 

    Top considerations for the best paying consumer service jobs 

    Top considerations for the best paying consumer service jobs

    As a consumer service staff, you will serve customers directly or indirectly. Whether you will be in the help desk or marketing and sales department, your work is to help the company build and retain customers. When searching for best paying customer service jobs, consider the following factors: 


    Consumer service vacancies open up in the busiest sectors, including hotels, airlines, retail chains, hospitals, banks, etc. Some of the best paying jobs will be away from home. So, are you willing to leave your state or town just to find a good job? 

    Education level and competency 

    Almost all employers consider your education level and skill set. Having higher education might improve your chances of getting the best salary. Some employers will rank someone with a few years of experience and good education higher than an entree with good papers. Additionally, having a unique skill on your CV can help you negotiate the best salary. For instance, if you can speak a foreign language and other interviewees cannot, you might win the job and receive a higher wage.

    Expected salary 

    While your goal is to find one of the best high paying jobs in consumer services, you should be more realistic. Do not be over-confident if you are an entry-level person. Even if a job does not pay handsomely, it might offer career advancement opportunities. Your focus should go beyond the pay if you have no adequate experience. 

    Who is hiring?

    Some companies pay a higher salary even for entry-level jobs. Try to avoid desperation during your job search to notice good employers. Search for the average salary for the role you want and select employers who can offer that or more. 

    Job position 

    Depending on your expertise and confidence level, you might want a managerial job or a front-office customer service role. Each category has several job titles you might want to try. 

    Job hunting tactics 

    Job hunting tactics for Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Services

    High-paying jobs in the consumer services industry exist. However, only those who have the right tactics may find them. In this internet era, you can find various job openings directly on a company website or various job boards. Online job boards are the best because you can use filters to view jobs in the preferred industry, company, and location. Even social media networking can help you connect with people who can get you a job with a good salary. At the same time, search for jobs in your local newspapers and magazines.

    How can you qualify to become a customer services staff?

    To get one of the best paying jobs in consumer services, you must have at least a high school diploma. Education qualifications may be higher when looking for a managerial role. Even with a good education, your employer will want you to have the best interpersonal skills. Can you listen, communicate, and answer address issues properly? Also, can you solve conflicts, enter data into a computer, and handle different administrative tasks? Organizational conflict is a crucial factor; read our guide to understand and overcome the fear of organizational conflict. Many employers provide learning opportunities to their workers to help them advance their careers and become more productive.


    Here comes the end of our guide on the best paying jobs in consumer services. We hope you have found your favorite job title based on annual salary figures and other factors. Now visit the Careers page of various websites and see if there are new job vacancies. Search for openings on online job boards and consider becoming a certified customer service professional by doing short courses. Also, if you want, you can learn about some best paying jobs in energy in the USA.

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