Best Paying Jobs in Energy – Top 8 Titles paying over $100,000 Per Annum

    Are you searching for the best paying jobs in energy in the United States? Do you have the best education and expertise? If yes, you can confidently apply for suitable jobs. The country’s energy infrastructure benefits commercial and residential users. Without energy, everything could quickly come to a standstill. 

    The power sector runs smoothly partly because of the contributions of all its knowledgeable workers. Whether you want to join the industry or use your expertise in a new role, you can find the right job. As the U.S invests heavily in the energy sector, there is no shortage of jobs for interested applicants. If you need the best paying jobs in energy, we will reveal them shortly. 

    Components of the energy sector

    The energy sector is not all about the country’s best power and lighting companies. It entails the contributions of several different players. They work together to produce and supply power consistently. Energy can be renewable or non-renewable. Some of the leading energy companies work in the oil and gas drilling sector. Others serve in the mining, pipeline, refining, chemicals, or renewable energy fields. When looking for the best paying jobs in energy, focus on all these companies.

    Is there a future for energy professionals? 

    Yes, energy is a reliable career path as it provides several opportunities and growth opportunities. The United States is a top energy producer, supplier, and consumer. Currently, many companies are running in the local energy sector to help the country compete locally and internationally. These companies are always looking for new talented workers to employ. Besides, the energy sector is very innovative, especially in electricity production. 

    Whether you help with energy production, transmission, distribution, or storage, your job will always be exciting and well-paying. Besides, the U.S is the leading producer of natural gas and petroleum in the world. Its electrochemical storage makes up thirty-six percent of the global capacity. 

    energy professional

    Furthermore, the U.S plans to generate eighty percent of its electricity from renewable energy by 2050. The future for energy workers shines bright since the U.S has almost one hundred nuclear reactors in roughly thirty states. These produce twenty percent of its power.

    8 Best Paying Jobs in Energy

    The energy and real estate sectors offer some of the top-paying jobs. Check out our blog on best-paying jobs in Real Estate Investment Trusts. Here we’re revealing the top-paying jobs for workers in the energy sector. These are jobs paying a median salary of over $100,000. If you want the highest-paying job in the energy industry, the following options might capture your interest. Do not locate these jobs if you have a good education and experience qualifications.

    1. Computer and information systems manager (IT manager)

    A computer and information systems manager receives a median salary of $151,150. IT manager is one of the high paying energy jobs. To get this job opportunity, first ensure that you have a Bachelor’s degree and years of experience. Your work is to help the company set its IT goals. You must plan, coordinate, and control organizational activities to meet those goals. It is upon you to analyze various computer needs and upgrades. 

    Above all, you will spearhead computer hardware and software processes. Information Technology managers work with analysts and developers with thorough programming, computing, engineering, and software knowledge. Digital transformation in the 21st century keeps on growing. 

    With your help, an energy company can embrace digital trends without putting its cybersecurity at risk. In addition to having good education and years of experience, you require excellent interpersonal skills. 

    2. Architectural Manager 

    As an architectural manager, your work is to plan, direct, and coordinate engineering activities. earn For that contribution, you can expect to receive a medium salary of $149,530. Although this job position has a projected growth rate of only four percent by 2030, it pays very well. With a Bachelor’s degree and years of expertise, you can apply for an architectural manager role. 

    You will work in the office most of the time but might also find yourself at an industrial production plant. You will assist the company to create suitable product development plans within the best budget. You might as well help the employer hire new workers and supervise work in research and development projects. 

    Architectural Manager

    If you can handle working in a stressful environment for over forty hours per week, this is the best chance. If you advance your education to have a Master’s degree, you might earn even a higher salary depending on your employer. 

    3. Aerospace engineer

    As an aerospace engineer, you need a Bachelor’s degree in advanced mathematics, physics, computer programming, etc. You need no experience at all. If you enter this job, you will make a medium salary of $116,500. You work directly with aircraft, spacecraft, satellites, and wind energy. 

    Aerospace engineers are very knowledgeable and talented professionals earning one of the best annual salaries. Executives in this career can earn at least $166,500, making it one of the best paying jobs in energy. If you have the right qualifications, ensure that you look for this job. 

    4. Petroleum engineer

    Another job you can try applying for is the petroleum engineer. Petroleum engineers earn around $137,720 annually. They do not need any work experience to get this job. A petroleum engineer job will grow by three percent from now to 2030. You will be in the oil and gas production field, which has many growth opportunities.

     If you do a Master’s course, you might earn over 208,000 dollars per year. As a petroleum engineer, you will design oil extraction equipment, discover new oil fields, and evaluate oil production methods. You need a Professional Engineering license to operate well in this job. 

    5. Chemical Engineer 

    As a chemical engineer, you can practice your career in a field that has a growth rate of four percent. You only need a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics, physics, chemistry, or biology. Chemical engineers earn around $108,770 per annum, and one needs no experience to apply for this job. 

    Top managers in this career make more than 176,090 dollars per annum. You will need to stay at the forefront of energy growth in the oil and gas or renewable energy sectors. As your job entails solving complex issues, be ready for the challenge. 

    6. Nuclear Engineer

    Nuclear Engineer

    As a nuclear engineer, you can make $116,140 per annum. You will require a Bachelor’s degree to seek this work. As a professional, you will use various instruments to research and create processes to help discover the advantages of nuclear radiation. You will handle radioactive materials for medical and industrial use and should follow the preset safety rules and regulations. 

    A nuclear engineer should do on-site training for forty-two to ninety days to get a license. If you opt for a two-year training program with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, you can become a Senior Reactor Operator. Even if the estimated job growth until 2030 is less, you can make good money from this role.

    7. Wind Farm Site Manager

    A wind farm site manager should have a Bachelor’s degree. Alternatively, they can have a high-school diploma, mid-level training, and several years of hands-on experience in the renewable energy sector. As one of the best paying jobs in energy, this career path boasts a higher growth rate of seven percent by 2030. 

    It is one of the most lucrative energy careers with a median salary of $110,000. One of your duties is to maintain systems, including computer systems. You will monitor and direct the repair of power generation and distribution systems. At the same time, you will ensure that workers follow the preset safety protocols while working flawlessly at the site. 

    As the wind farm manager, you will create good relationships with property owners, contractors, and the community. Lastly, you will need to train new workers and ensure that they meet environmental safety and health standards. As a person who will meet and work with different people, you will require excellent interpersonal skills.

    8. Electrical Engineer

    One of the best paying jobs in energy is the electrical engineer. Those who occupy this job position make $103,390 per annum. Just like the wind farm site manager, this job has an estimated growth rate of seven percent. If you have a related Bachelor’s degree, you can apply for this job online. 

    Electrical Engineer

    Your work will entail designing and testing new electrical equipment. As an electrical engineer, you will largely help with research and development, manufacturing, and engineering tasks. You will participate in one of the best renewable energy jobs where you will install power systems for commercial and residential customers.

    Which energy categories offer high-paying jobs? 

    We have finished discussing the best paying jobs in energy with a salary of over 100,000 dollars. Apart from these, several other energy jobs are offering 90,000 dollars and below. Every job that helps with the production, distribution, and storage of power qualifies as an energy job. All of these jobs in the energy sector require an engineering degree. The most important factor of an engineering background is you can always switch to different industries as there are many alternative career paths. We have a dedicated guide on alternative career paths for engineers. Check that out if you want to shift to another industry.

    As you may have noted, the renewable energy sector has a high growth rate. Due to climate change effects, several people have an interest in green energy sources. To meet the rising demand, companies must look for people who qualify to work in the renewable energy sector. Those who are competent in other areas can follow opportunities emerging from other categories, including oil and gas drilling, mining, pipeline, and refining.


    Now you know the best paying jobs in energy that will pay you over one hundred thousand dollars every year. Also, there are some best paying jobs in consumer services. Are you ready to embrace these high-paying careers? If yes, use the internet and other job hunting techniques to find matching opportunities. You never know when a good opportunity can knock at your door. Attempt your luck and see what happens. 

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