Best paying jobs you can try for with a high school diploma

    In today’s competitive job market, having a higher education degree may seem like a requirement for a good-paying job. However, that is not necessarily true. There are plenty of high-paying jobs that only require a high school diploma.

    While a degree may open up more opportunities, a diploma can lead to a fulfilling career and financial stability. In this article, we will explore some of the best-paying jobs that only require a high school diploma.

    Why look for higher-paying jobs?

    Financial stability: The higher the pay, the more financially stable an individual is likely to be. A stable income can help one plan for their future, save for retirement, and reduce financial stress.

    Career growth: High paying jobs are often associated with high-level positions, which offer more opportunities for career growth and advancement.

    Quality of life: High paying jobs can provide a better quality of life for individuals and their families, allowing them to afford better housing, education, and health care.

    Increased job satisfaction: People who earn high salaries may feel more valued and respected in their workplace, leading to greater job satisfaction.

    Personal fulfillment: Some individuals may find satisfaction in achieving high success and financial security through their careers.

    List of Best paying jobs with a high school diploma

    While a college degree can often open doors to higher-paying job opportunities, there are still plenty of good-paying jobs that only require a high school diploma. Here are some examples of such jobs:


    Electricians install, maintain, and repair electrical systems in homes, businesses, and other settings. Electricians are responsible for installing, maintaining, and repairing electrical systems in homes, businesses, and industrial settings. They typically learn the trade through apprenticeship programs and earn a median annual salary of $56,900, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

    Commercial Pilot

    Commercial pilots fly planes for airlines, cargo companies, and other businesses. They are responsible for the safety of their passengers and crew, and must be able to make quick decisions in case of an emergency.

    Dental Hygienist

    Dental hygienists clean teeth, examine patients for oral diseases and provide preventive care. They typically earn an associate degree and a median annual salary of $77,090, according to the BLS.

    Power Plant Operator

    Power plant operators, distributors, and dispatchers control and monitor the flow of electricity from power plants to homes and businesses. They ensure that electrical grids operate efficiently and safely, and respond to emergencies such as power outages.

    Nuclear Power Reactor Operators

    Nuclear power reactor operators control nuclear reactors and other equipment to generate power in nuclear power plants. They monitor and adjust equipment to maintain a safe and efficient nuclear reaction.


    Plumbers install and repair pipes that carry water, gas, and sewage. They may work in homes, businesses, or construction sites. Plumbers typically learn the trade through an apprenticeship program and earn a median annual salary of $56,330.

    Computer Network Support Specialist

    Computer network support specialists help individuals and organizations set up and maintain computer networks.

    Court Reporter

    Court reporters create written transcripts of legal proceedings, including trials and depositions. This job typically requires excellent typing skills, attention to detail, and working under pressure. Some court reporting firms offer on-the-job training for this position.

    Makeup Artist

    Makeup artists apply cosmetics to enhance the appearance of clients.  Many bridal makeup artists are self-employed and work on a freelance basis. They provide makeup services for brides and their bridal parties and may also offer hair styling services.


    Firefighters respond to emergencies, including fires, accidents, and natural disasters. Industrial firefighters work in factories, plants, and other industrial settings, responding to fires and other emergencies. Some entry-level positions may only require a high school diploma and on-the-job training.

    Air Traffic Controller

    Air traffic controllers monitor and coordinate the movement of airplanes to ensure their safety.


    Chefs plan and prepare meals in restaurants, hotels, and other food service establishments.

    Building Inspector

    Building inspectors ensure that buildings meet safety and quality standards.

    Fitness Trainer

    Fitness trainers lead individuals and groups in exercise programs to promote health and fitness.

    Personal Financial Advisor

    Personal financial advisors provide investment and financial planning advice to clients.

    Gaming Manager

    Gaming managers oversee the operations of casinos and other gaming establishments.

    Heavy Equipment Operator

    Heavy equipment operators like in the mining industry, they use large machines to excavate, move, and grade materials.


    Having a high school diploma can lead to a fulfilling career with a good income. While higher education degrees may open up more opportunities, they are not always necessary for success.

    The jobs listed above offer a range of options for those with a high school diploma, from healthcare to trade professions. It is important to remember that no matter the level of education, hard work, and dedication are essential to achieving success in any career.


    1.   What are some good-paying jobs that only require a high school diploma?

    Several good-paying jobs only require a high school diploma, such as electrician, plumber, construction worker, real estate agent, and dental hygienist.

    2.  How much can you earn in a job that only requires a high school diploma?

    The earning potential of jobs that only require a high school diploma varies depending on the job and the location. However, some jobs like electrician and plumber can earn more than $50,000 annually.

    3.  Are there any additional qualifications required to get a high-paying job with only a high school diploma?

    Some jobs require additional certifications, licenses, or training, such as electrician and plumber. It’s important to research the requirements for the specific job you’re interested in.

    4.  Can you advance in your career with only a high school diploma?

    Yes, you can advance in your career with only a high school diploma. Some jobs offer opportunities for advancement, such as a construction worker becoming a project manager or a real estate agent becoming a broker.

    5.  Are there any downsides to working in a job requiring only a high school diploma?

    One downside to working in a job that only requires a high school diploma is that the earning potential may be limited compared to jobs that require higher education. However, with experience and hard work, there are opportunities for advancement and increased earning potential.

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