16 Alternative Career Paths for Engineers

    Are you looking for alternative career paths for engineers? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

    There are a variety of career opportunities for engineers who want to apply their skills to a new industry or simply want to change their careers.

    Alternative career options for engineers offer engineering professionals the possibility to explore various jobs and achieve their goals.

    By researching the types of alternative career paths you can pursue with your engineering background, you’ve got the chance to find a new job that aligns with your goals.

    16 Demanding Alternative Career Paths for Engineers

    Engineers usually have strong skills in logical thinking, problem-solving, and numeracy. These skills open up a huge variety of career options and it is a very common practice for engineers change their professions. Here are some of the best alternative jobs for engineers who want to start their careers in another industry.

    AI Specialist

    One of the alternative career paths for engineers is that of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) specialist. For this career, engineers will have to be knowledgeable in physics, computer science, and math.

    They’ll also need to have knowledge of AI concepts and experience with programming languages. This can be an excellent career for engineers who would prefer working behind computers instead of designing buildings.

    Technical Recruitment Specialist

    The technical recruitment industry is one of the rapidly growing opportunities for engineers.

    Almost every Fortune 500 Company hires technical background professionals in their recruitment departments to determine the ideal candidates for their firm.

    The job of a technical recruitment specialist is to interview potential employees and select the perfect individuals for different positions.

    Since engineers have an engineering background, they will have knowledge of the technical elements of the open positions.

    Aside from that, they can effectively communicate with nervous applicants who have engineering or technical backgrounds.

    Though most firms prefer experienced technical individuals for this job, they also welcome fresh graduates.

    It is a great job that requires good judgment, an understanding of human nature, insight into the finer details of the job, and great communication skills.

    Academic Faculty

    Academic Faculty

    One of the ideal profession for people who love to interact with individuals and share their knowledge is teaching.

    Engineers can change their careers as a lecturer, professors, or adjunct instructors at a college or university with a postgraduate degree.

    However, they can also start with a bachelor’s or master’s degree. This depends on the outstanding achievements or experience.

    You may also be interested in teaching in a public school. However, it will need a couple of extra courses.

    A doctoral or master’s program can be a huge advantage if you want to secure a position as a teaching assistant. However, it isn’t always required to teach at a university or college level.

    With this, you can gain the experience in teaching and contacts required when you search for a full-time position.

    Teaching is a job with a range of various opportunities. A lot of them don’t strictly adhere to textbooks.

    There’s a bit of competition in this industry. However, you’ve got a huge possibility of finding an ideal position in this industry if you are willing to move and apply widely.

    Property Manager

    The job of a property manager is to supervise the day-to-day operations of commercial and residential properties. This includes business parks, office buildings, or apartments. Nowadays real estate investment offers best-paying jobs for those who want to join the industry.

    A property manager schedule routine maintenance to outdoor spaces and building facilities, hire and train building staff, screen potential tenants, and collect rent payments from tenants.

    While it isn’t needed, engineers can earn a property management certification to increase their employability when applying for this job.

    Content Creator

    Content creator is one of the best alternative career paths for engineers.

    For those who don’t know, content creators produce videos, utilize social media platforms, write articles, and run blogs for consumers to enjoy.

    Content creator jobs help engineers share their knowledge of the industry and perform exciting engineering projects.

    Content Creator

    As an engineer, you should know how to utilize photography and video equipment, know SEO, and have great writing skills to be a content creator.

    Graphic Designer

    Graphic designers utilize creative software applications to design magazine layouts, brochures, infographics, website layouts, logos, and other marketing materials.

    Engineers might enjoy a job in graphic design. This is particularly true if they’ve got the creative mindset and skills to use apps to design materials.

    You don’t have to go back to school if you’re an engineer looking to change your career in the graphic design industry.

    You can instead take online graphic design courses and practice with creative software apps.


    A tradesperson is an individual who specializes in areas like welding, masonry, landscaping services, electrical services, plumbing, or carpentry.

    They might have experience with one or more trade areas. This depends on the engineering background of the person.

    Aside from that, they should also know how to create structures, make blueprints, and take measurements.

    That is why engineers may transfer to a career in a specialized trade where they can work as a self-employed person or work for a trades company.

    Product Tester

    The job of a product tester is to help businesses assess the function and quality of their products before they go on the market for consumers to buy.

    Engineers can benefit from having bachelor’s degree in areas such as marketing, software development, and more

    Engineers who like to apply for this position can utilize their engineering experience and knowledge to improve their chances of getting hired.


    The government’s commitment to improving development and research expertise has created more career opportunities in research. According to reports, this will only continue to rise.

    The implications for many engineering disciplines are thrilling. This is particularly true for engineers with biomedical, communications, digital media, software, computer, microelectronic, electronic, and electrical background.



    Opportunities often arise in the patent office for engineers. For those who don’t know, it’s a public service position and is marketed through the Civil Service.

    Basically, the job revolves around granting, protecting, and getting legal monopolies on new processes and products.

    This industry includes patents for registered trademarks, registered designs, and inventions.

    Elements of the job include patent control, patent evaluation, patent strategy, the patent application process, and drafting plans in a patent specification.

    Fire and Safety

    Due to the growing significance of safety and health concerns in the workplace, particular jobs for this crucial area have created a variety of positions for engineers.

    Engineers are hired as site inspectors, inspectors for the Health and Safety Authority, engineering consultants, plant engineers, and chief fire officers.

    There are job opportunities in every industry.

    Marketing and Sales

    One of the ideal alternative career paths for engineers is sales and marketing.

    Since engineers have an engineering degree, they can take up a job in the department of marketing and sales of a manufacturing company.

    This is particularly true for companies that specialize in engineering products such as equipment, machines, medical tools, industrial machinery, and more.

    While people holding a degree in marketing and sales take up jobs most of the time, companies need employees who have complete knowledge and understanding of the products they sell.

    Engineers fulfill this need and can thus pick up a job in marketing industry. We have a dedicated guide on marketing managers’ common interview questions. Check that out to identify essential things of a marketing job interview.

    Data Analyst

    Careers in this industry are becoming more and more popular due to the wide variety of opportunities they provide.

    Usually, a data analyst combines business intelligence, statistics, and data mining to help companies make decisions.

    There are a lot of various forms of data analysis. This includes marketing analysts, financial analysts, and healthcare analysts.

    Oftentimes, these professionals work in an office. However, they will often have clients outside of the office.

    Even though this job comes with lengthier hours, it provides lucrative benefits and salaries.

    Technical Content Writer

    Technical Content Writer

    If you are an engineer looking for alternative career paths for engineers, there are a couple of options available. Being a technical content writer is one of the most interesting careers.

    To be effective as a technical content writer, you have to communicate complicated details in an accessible approach so that it is easy for people to understand.

    This needs great editing and technical writing skills, an understanding of how people learn, and strong knowledge of engineering terminology and concepts.

    Digital Marketing Specialist

    One of the ideal alternative career paths for engineers is a digital marketing specialist. For this job, you will require having a strong knowledge of digital marketing.

    This includes elements such as website usability, conversion rates, social media campaigns, SEO, and web analytics.


    One of the many alternative career paths for engineers is an MBA. Usually, engineers have tons of experience with science, engineering, and math.

    An MBA is an excellent way to take these skills and apply them to a new industry, specifically in businesses.

    It also offers engineers the chance to work in leadership positions that they may not be able to work in without the MBA.


    An engineering qualification is a great foundation for progression into a lot of various alternative career paths.

    This is particularly true since engineers have a broad range of useful skills. This includes project management, team-working, analytical thinking, and problem solving.

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